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Ming George, Ming George Physio and Pilates, Byron Shire, Australia
Ming George, Ming George Physio and Pilates, Byron Shire, Australia


  • Bachelor of Physiotherapy (honours) 2001- University of Melbourne. Recipient of Women’s Health and Continence award.
  • Polestar Pilates for Rehabilitation Certification 2006 – Dynamic Stability, Melbourne
  • Certificate IV Kinesiology 2010 – Health Arts College, Melbourne
  • Certificate IV Training and Assessment 2011 – Southern Cross Training, Melbourne
  • APPI Matwork Certification 2014 – London


Ming qualified with honours as a physiotherapist at the University of Melbourne, and has been working in the field of physiotherapy and Pilates for almost 20 years after following a passion for movement, exercise, dance and rehabilitation.

Having trained with both Polestar Pilates and the Australian Physiotherapy and Pilates Institute (APPI), Ming has worked in Australia and abroad developing her interest in treating neck, back, pelvis and hip pain, posture and movement dysfunction.

Ming recently spent 5 years working in London in a clinical role that included working with the English National Ballet Company in their Pilates rehabilitation service, and as a presenter for APPI Pilates courses. Ming presented at the 2015 DanceUK Healthier Dancers conference on the role of Pilates in Strength and Conditioning for dancers.

In between working and attending courses, Ming enjoys travelling, nature, yoga, dance and meditation, all of which fuel her inspiration for a holistic approach to health, wellbeing and healing.

Pilates, Ming George Physio and Pilates


Pilates is a form of exercise using various small props and large equipment designed to build strength, endurance and control whilst balancing body and mind. It was developed in the 1920’s by German Joseph Pilates to rehabilitate hospitalised prisoners of war, then expanded to the sporting and fitness arenas, and is now enjoyed by millions of people around the world.

Pilates called his method “Contrology” which is described in this excerpt from his book ‘Pilates’ Return to Life Through Contrology’:

“Contrology is complete control of body, mind and spirit. Through contrology, you first purposefully acquire complete control of your own body and then through proper repetition of its exercises you gradually and progressively acquire that natural rhythm and coordination associated with all your subconscious activities. This true rhythm and control is observed both in domestic pets and wild animals – without known exceptions.

Contrology develops the body uniformly, corrects wrong postures, restores physical vitality, invigorates the mind, and elevates the spirit. In childhood, with rare exceptions, we all enjoy the benefits of natural and normal physical development. However, as we mature, we find ourselves living in bodies not always complementary to our ego. Our bodies are slumped, our shoulders are stooped, our eyes are hollow, our muscles are flabby and our vitality extremely lowered, if not vanished. This is but the natural result of not having uniformly developed all the muscles of our spine, trunk, arms, and legs in the course of pursuing our daily labors and office activities.”

Joseph created a vast number of exercises both on the Mat and using equipment he designed himself. Here he demonstrates the Side Bend exercise:

Joseph Pilates, Ming George Physio and Pilates, Byron Shire, Australia

Ming’s Pilates Classes, Small Group Sessions and Private Sessions are a great way to unwind, and improve the way you feel and move.

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Physiotherapists are experts in the structure of the human body and its movement. They work with people of all ages to treat a broad range of health conditions including sports injuries and musculoskeletal conditions as well as chronic health conditions such as diabetes, obesity, osteoarthritis and stroke. Physiotherapists are involved in the assessment, diagnosis, planning and management of patient care.

Initially your physiotherapist will take a detailed account of any relevant health history including past and present injuries. Any scans, x-rays and letters from other health professionals you may have can be brought in and discussed at your initial appointment. An assessment of your physical function will be made including strength, posture, range of motion and performance of various functional tasks.

Physiotherapy treatments can help correct any musculo-skeletal imbalances you may have including scoliosis, pelvic asymmetry, joint stiffness and tight muscles and fascia. A set of exercises will be prescribed and updated as you progress. Physiotherapists can refer you to a range of other health professionals as needed.

Physiotherapists can also provide online Telehealth consultations which have been shown in many cases to be as effective as in-person treatments.

Physiotherapy, Ming George Physio and Pilates, Byron Shire, Australia

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Physiotherapy Appointments


Ming will analyse and identify ways to help restore your body’s alignment and biomechanics to enable you a greater ease of movement and promote faster recovery. We will look at your posture and alignment, how you move in everyday tasks, your strength, muscle flexibility and joint range of motion.

In-person a combination of manual therapy techniques, soft tissue release work, taping and a tailored exercise program incorporating Pilates will be used to help you achieve a well balanced, strong and supple body.

In many cases online Telehealth consultations are also an effective option enabling you to gain assessment and advice on how to self-manage using a graduated exercise program that is tailored to be done and progressed in your own home.

Physiotherapy, Ming George Physio and Pilates, Byron Shire, Australia


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In-person Physiotherapy appointments are available Monday to Saturday in Ocean Shores. COVID-19 infection control measures are in place to optimise your safety during this time.

Telehealth consultations are also available to access at home with a single click – using a secure confidential online platform designed for health professionals that requires no new online account or app.

For a full assessment and treatment of your problem or to make an enquiry contact Ming here.


Ming runs regular Pilates Mat Classes, Studio Groups and Privates in and around the Byron Shire. 

See the information box on the right for current class details.

Physio Mat Class, Ming George Physio and Pilates, Byron Shire, Australia


Wednesday mornings at Federal Church by booking.

Open Level: 8.30-9.30am
Improver Level: 9.45-10.45am
Fee: $20

Address: Jasper Corner Church Hall, 3 Federal Road

Jasper Church, Ming George Physio and Pilates, Byron Shire, Australia

Please contact for details or to book.

Ming is an expert in modifying Pilates’ traditional exercises to support recovery from injury and chronic conditions, based on recent physiotherapy evidence and research.


Held in Ocean Shores and online Monday – Saturday by appointment.

These are Groups of 2 people, where the program is individually tailored for each persons needs, using a selection of exercise props and Pilates apparatus.

Depending on your needs, one or more private sessions may be required to start.


If you’re just starting, or want one-on-one attention, this is the way to go.

Available in person and online Monday – Saturday by appointment. Please Contact Ming for an appointment.


Ming would love to hear from you and together work out how to best support you to reach your physical goals.

Enquire or book an appointment using the form or the numbers below.

Mobile: (+61) 0401 900 504
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